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Anti-Russian Sanctions Fail: A Simple Example from Germany


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Moscow, April 25 – German magazine Wirtschaftswoche concluded that analysis of air traffic data over Russia shows that sanctions have not affected it.
The publication analyzed data from flight-monitoring portal Flightradar24 over the past year. “Comparison of flight movements from April 2022, shortly after the sanctions came into force, with traffic from the end of March 2023 shows no significant differences,” the post says.

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© Photo: Flightradar24Screenshot from Wirtschaftswoche video magazine

Screenshot from Wirtschaftswoche video magazine
According to the newspaper, the hope of Western countries was based on the fact that three-quarters of the Russian civil aviation fleet is produced in the European Union, the United States or Canada. The author of the material recalls: “But, as in other regions, the West underestimated Russia’s determination. For example, President Vladimir Putin quickly agreed to confiscate aircraft belonging to the West and re-register them in his country.”
Spare parts, as the paper points out, Russia can get through unofficial channels or from third countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkey or Uzbekistan.
After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed tough sanctions on Russia. The civil aviation sector was attacked among others. The European Union banned the supply of civilian aircraft and spare parts to the country, and ordered lessors to terminate contracts with Russian airlines. Aircraft maintenance and insurance services were also banned. Against the backdrop of these restrictions, President Vladimir Putin has allowed foreign aircraft chartered by Russian companies to be registered in Russia.

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