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Anticipating the End of Summer 2024: Solo Leveling Anime Release, Kingdom Season 5, and More


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Summer is coming to an end, 2024 already in the sights

The summer season is coming to a close, and along with it, certain seasonal anime shows will be ending their run. Some shows like Zom 100, Undead Girl Murder Farce, and Bleach will be replaced by others like Spy × Family, PLUTO, and Tokyo Revengeres Season 3. Looking ahead, we can also anticipate the upcoming winter season and the start of 2024. Planned releases include the fifth season of Kingdom, the second season of Mashle, and the third season of Classroom of the Elite. However, the most highly anticipated release of early 2024 is the animated adaptation of Solo Leveling. This series is based on a popular light novel turned Webtoon and is scheduled to premiere in January 2024 on Crunchyroll. A new trailer for the show was released recently and can be viewed below.

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Solo Leveling anime is highly anticipated

The main character of Solo Leveling is Jin-Woo Sung, a South Korean who is considered the worst Hunter. Despite this, he feels obligated to do the job as he is the sole breadwinner for his family. Despite lacking any special abilities, he signs contracts and takes on missions. During one mission, something unexpected happens, and he wakes up in a hospital room with a newfound ability that could change everything for him.

Solo Leveling has gained a lot of popularity as a webtoon. Many readers praise its quality artwork and well-developed characters. Unlike typical protagonist characters, Jin-Woo starts off without any special abilities and has to rely on hard work and diligence to succeed. This unique mix of strengths has made Solo Leveling the most anticipated anime of 2024, as evidenced by its high rankings on sites like MyAnimeList and Anilist.

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