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Anticipations of the Financial Influx from the Gulf Countries to Egypt


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Rating agency Standard & Poor’s expects the Gulf countries to provide additional economic assistance to Egypt if the economic situation requires it.

A recent fund report states: “We anticipate that any gaps in external funding will be covered by additional support from the GCC government. This is despite media reports that the GCC countries are pressuring Egypt to reform before committing funds to buy companies. Egyptian state.

In terms of external financing, Standard & Poor’s expects the net inflow to the financial account to be enough to offset the current account deficit through fiscal year 2026, while keeping the total reserves of the Central Bank of Egypt at about $32 billion. average.

And she continued: “The International Monetary Fund is more optimistic as it expects total reserves to reach $64 billion over the same period as the balance of payments improves and program finance is absorbed.” foreign direct investment from GCC countries and others, some portfolio flow income, and net external borrowing are largely covered by multilateral and bilateral lenders.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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