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Apple is Terminating The Employment of Some of Its Corporate And Retail Staff


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Bloomberg reports that Apple has tentative plans to lay off a few corporate retail employees working on its development and preservation teams. The employees who are being let go as part of the company’s restructuring plan are responsible for the development and maintenance of Apple retail outlets across the world.

Apple is Terminating The Employment of Some of Its Corporate And Retail Staf f_

It is still being determined how many jobs will be eliminated by Apple. Still, according to Bloomberg, the reductions will “likely be quite minimal.” Yet, this is the first confirmed instance of Apple laying off employees within the company to save spending. Up to one hundred independent contractors who handled recruitment were let go by the corporation in June 2022; nonetheless, contractors are considered part-time employees. Apple has also eliminated contracting positions for engineers and security guards, among other positions.

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Apple has assured its workforce that these are not layoffs but rather a streamlining effort and that the company is making these adjustments to improve the maintenance of its stores worldwide. Individuals who have been let go can submit new applications for jobs comparable to the ones they had before. They may be eligible for up to four months’ compensation if they do not accept a new position.

Apple stopped hiring for most positions in November, except those in research and development. In March of this year, Apple increased the hiring freeze they had previously implemented. Apple has stopped hiring for several of its teams, so open roles are created as employees depart the company. Apple has been able to dodge the widespread layoffs that have been reported recently by other technology businesses by slowing down its hiring.

Apple is Terminating The Employment of Some of Its Corporate And Retail Staff_

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter a month ago, the company immediately laid off hundreds of people. Facebook has stated its intention to terminate the employment of around 10,000 employees. After numerous layoffs in the months leading up to March, Microsoft eliminated its AI ethics team. In January, Alphabet, which owns Google and is its parent firm, let go of 12,000 employees.

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