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Apple Vision Pro: New Backend Files Released for Developer Kits


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Apple Is Getting Ready to Release Their Vision Pro Developer Kits

Apple Is Getting Ready to Release Their Vision Pro Developer Kits

Apple is gearing prepared to provide developers with resources to create apps and experiences for the Apple Vision Pro headset, and the firm just yesterday put out new backend files for the Vision Pro. These new assets will let developers create apps and experiences for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Along with other visionOS components required for test versions of the device, the code for changing the battery pack that powers the Vision Pro has been introduced. Apple’s Vision Pro batteries are available under various model numbers, including A2781, A2988, and A2697. When Apple has merely stated that the device has a battery life of two hours, the reason behind the existence of three independent numbers must be explained. Even so, it’s possible that Apple has more than one battery pack in the works or that additional battery options may be tested only in Apple retail locations.

A small group of developers will be given access to Apple’s development kits after the code additions. On its website for developers, Apple has stated that it intends to begin selling Apple Vision Pro developer kits and other developer tools beginning in July, and only two weeks are remaining until this launch.

Apple claims that its developer kits will make it easier for programmers to bring their ideas to life directly on Vision Pro by giving the tools necessary to design, iterate rapidly, and test software applications. It will be possible for developers to apply to receive a kit.

The last time Apple provided a developer kit was before the release of Apple silicon chips in 2020. Apple made it possible for developers to switch from Intel silicon to Apple silicon by providing them with a Mac mini that contained an A-series chip. The cost of the Mac mini devices was $500, and developers will most certainly be required to pay for Apple Developer Kits as well.

Apple Is Getting Ready to Release Their Vision Pro Developer Ki ts_

In addition to providing Apple Vision Pro developer kits, the company has stated that it will also provide Apple Vision Pro compatibility testing for already existing apps and opportunities for developers to visit a Vision Pro developer lab that demonstrates visionOS, iPadOS, and iOS applications running on the headset. Labs will be set up in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Both Apple and Unity have recently made beta versions of their respective game development tools; Apple published the first version of visionOS in June, and Unity made the beta versions of Vision Pro available earlier this week. With Unity, Apple is working on the “PolySpatial” development platform for visionOS. This will enable third-party developers to design and port their 3D experiences to the Vision Pro headset.

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