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Apple’s Enhanced Autocorrect Feature: Swearing Made Easier on iPhones with iOS 17


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Apple’s Enhanced Autocorrect Feature Makes Swearing Easier on iPhones

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Are you tired of your iPhone always autocorrecting your swear words? Then, you’ll be thrilled to hear about Apple’s improved and more sophisticated autocorrect feature, allowing you to express yourself with curses. Finally, your iPhone will let you to swear to your heart’s content.

The Power of iOS 17’s Transformer Model

The keyboard on the iPhone running iOS 17 incorporates a transformer model, similar to the one used by OpenAI’s language models, to enhance autocorrect functionality. This advanced technology learns from your typing habits, predicting your following words, including names, phrases, and even curse words.

Getting Started with iOS 17

If you’ve already downloaded iOS 17 or are planning to do so (check out our guide on getting the latest software update) and want to explore typing on your phone, here’s everything you need to know about autocorrect.

Precision in Every Keystroke

Autocorrect now rectifies mistakes more accurately, thanks to implementing a new transformer language model in iOS 17. A transformer language model is a sophisticated software program capable of handling language complexities. Trained on specific data, the model learns context and patterns, mimicking human thought processes and speech. Consequently, the transformer language model on iOS 17 offers autocorrect suggestions that are more accurate and customized to your preferences.

Language Options

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This technology is available only for English, French, and Spanish keyboards.

A Personalized Vocabulary for You

Your keyboard will now include frequently-used curse words and explicit language in a personalized vocabulary list. It learns your usage patterns in different applications, tailoring autocorrections, suggestions, and predictive text accordingly. So, now you can confidently write “fuck” without worrying about it being changed to “duck” or use “shit” without it becoming “shut.” This improved feature caters to your specific needs.

Enhanced Predictive Text

While typing, the new transformer language model offers single- and multi-word predictions within the text field. For example, let’s say you order, “Have you watched the new episode of The Wa…” – autocorrect will suggest “The Walking Dead” as an inline prediction. To accept the forecast without further typing, simply press the space bar to input the suggestion into the text field.

Device Compatibility

This feature is available only on the iPhone 12 and later models.

Taking Control of Autocorrect

Autocorrect is not infallible, and there may be times when you’re corrected mistakenly or when you intentionally use slang or uncommon names. To address this, iOS 17 introduces underlining for newly autocorrected words or sentences. These underlines make it easy to identify and review the corrections. If you’re unsatisfied with any modification, simply tap on the underlined word(s) to view your original input and other autocorrect options.

With iOS 17’s enhanced autocorrect feature, your iPhone becomes a more intuitive and personalized typing companion, allowing you to communicate more freely and accurately, even when using colorful language. So, update your device to experience this revolutionary autocorrect improvement.

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