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Archaeologists have discovered something spectacular in a Neanderthal cave in Spain


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Archaeologists have found a group of skulls of horned animals brought to the cave by Neanderthals in the Cueva de Coberta cave in Spain.

The journal Nature Human Behavior points out that scientists discovered this cave in 1978, and since then scientists have been working in it, as it became clear to them that this cave was used for rituals. Scientists have previously found the remains of Neanderthals and various tools in this cave, and recently discovered a group of skulls belonging to animals.

Interestingly, these skulls were carefully separated from the bodies and subjected to various processing using tools and fire.

These skulls have common features – they are all animals with horns, and belong to bison or extinct wild bulls, deer and rhinos. Archaeologists were surprised when they found rhinoceros skulls in the cave, and named one of the skulls Rosendo – after the Spanish rock star.

Scientists believe that these skulls were in the cave not for feeding, but for other purposes, since they could be hunting prey.

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