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Arizona Sun 2: Experience Next-Generation VR Zombie Slaying with New Gameplay Trailer and Preorder Bonuses


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Arizona Sun 2 Announcement

Arizona Sun 2 Coming to PlayStation VR2


Gameplay Trailer

Vertigo Games announced this Arizona Sun 2 coming to PlayStation VR2 on December 7. With a new gameplay trailer, we can while away the wait until then. Additional information can be found in the press release:

About Arizona Sun 2

Arizona Sun 2 uses cutting-edge VR technology to introduce a new gold standard for VR zombie slaying. Players will experience the thrill of next-generation VR gunfights, with manual reloading and new weapons such as flamethrowers adding to the already extensive arsenal. An all-new melee combat system introduces weapons such as machetes, crowbars, and pickaxes to experience the apocalypse up close with deliciously bloody takedowns. As players assemble their ultimate gear, there are several ways to take down the Freds (as the zombies are called here), as even severed limbs can be used as weapons. The fan-favorite coop mode returns to further encourage the creative aspect of zombie slashing.

Role of Buddy

In Arizona Sun 2, Buddy, the players’ loyal dog, plays a real leading role. Not only is Buddy the best-behaved dog to play Fetch the Undead with, he’ll also help you take down the pesky Freds, find important items, and carry equipment. You can also look forward to a completely new cinematic story campaign that requires no knowledge of the first part. The narrator is again the unmistakable main character with the dark humor that makes the VR roller coaster ride even more fun.

Digital Preorder Editions and Bonuses

Arizona Sun 2 can be preordered as Standard Edition (€49.99) and Deluxe Edition (€59.99). Each edition contains exclusive items that make the journey to the zombies even more fun:

Standard Edition:

Those who preorder will receive the Biker Bark Vest, Worker Watch, and Ducky Weapon Charm as exclusive in-game bonuses.

Deluxe Edition:

Available with a 10% preorder discount. Includes everything included in the Standard Edition, plus the Freddy Hands Skin, Doggy Weapon Charm, and Undead Buddy, which turns the four-legged friend into an undead killing machine.

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