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ARK Survival Ascended Update 1.033.008: Cryopod & Cryofridge Release – Patch Notes and Enhancements


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Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.033.008 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Ark Survival Ascended, make sure to update to version 1.033.008 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

ARK Survival Ascended Update 1.033.008: Cryopod & Cryofridge Release

In the latest update for ARK Survival Ascended, the Cryopod and Cryofridge have been added as level 50 unlockable Engrams. These new additions bring exciting changes to gameplay and storage capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the fixes and features introduced in this update.

Cryopod Activation Time

When a Cryofridge is placed, it will now take 5 minutes to activate. This activation time ensures that the Cryofridge is powered and ready to interact with the Cryopod.

Cryopod Release Range

To release a Cryopod, it must be within range of an activated and powered Cryofridge. Currently, the release range is set to 6500. This allows players to strategically plan their Cryopod use and storage.

PVP Restrictions

In PVP mode, Cryopods cannot be released if there are enemies nearby. This range is currently set to 3500, providing a balance between strategic gameplay and fair competition.

Dino Damage Limitation

Dinos cannot be cryopodded if they have been damaged within the last 60 seconds. This fix prevents players from exploiting the Cryopod mechanic to instantly heal their dinos during combat.

Mating Cooldown Correction

Previously, dino mating cooldown did not tick down correctly when the dino was in a Cryopod. This has been addressed, ensuring that mating cooldowns are now accurately tracked and maintained for Cryopodded dinos.

Increased Cryofridge Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of Cryofridges has been increased to 120 slots. This improvement allows players to store more dinos and resources in their Cryofridge, providing greater convenience and organization.

Crafting Queue for Cryopods

Players can now queue up multiple Cryopods for crafting in supply drops and obelisks. Previously, only one Cryopod could be crafted at a time, but this update allows for more efficient crafting and inventory management.

Displaying Cryopodded Dinos

Cryopodded dinos can now be stored and displayed on the newly introduced Display Case structure. This addition enhances player creativity and the ability to showcase their collection of Cryopodded dinos.

Cryopod Configurable Settings

Players can now customize Cryopod settings through the GameUserSettings.ini file under [ServerSettings]. Some of the configurable options include the ability to disable Cryopod enemy checks, allow Cryofridge placement on rafts and saddles, and disable the Cryofridge requirement for releasing cryopodded dinos. These settings provide flexibility and customization options for individual gameplay preferences.

Survival of the Fittest Mod CrossPlatform Release

The popular Survival of the Fittest mod is now available CrossPlatform! Players can select the SOTF option at the main menu to start playing this exciting Battle Royale mod for ARK: Survival Ascended. Up to 60 combatants can engage in a fast-paced, action-packed struggle for survival, leading their Dinosaur Armies into an epic final showdown. The mod focuses on large-scale creature-army confrontations, with an optional Real Time Strategy overlay for added depth and strategy.

Winter Wonderland Event Release

The Winter Wonderland event is now live! Get into the festive spirit with winter-themed content and activities. Enjoy the snowy landscapes, special holiday decorations, and exclusive rewards during this limited-time event.

Additional Patch Release Notes

In addition to the Cryopod and Cryofridge release and the Survival of the Fittest mod CrossPlatform availability, several fixes and improvements have been made in this update. Some highlights include:

  • Fixed issue with full costume skins looking damaged when equipped without a chestpiece.
  • Added updated audio for greenhouse structure set.
  • Adjusted underwater audio to be adjustable with the SFX slider.
  • Fixed character animation issue with holding bows while swimming.
  • Fixed bug allowing imprinting of baby dinos without consuming the required item.
  • Multiple fixes for desyncing of carried dinos and incorrect weather display.
  • Fixed issues with moon color change and Tek Chest boost not working underwater.
  • Various fixes for placement of doors, ladders, and Tek structures in underwater compartments.
  • Improved pick-up timer functionality for stored structures.
  • Fixed display issue with names on Display Case structure.
  • Fixed character movement glitch after relogging.
  • Fixed oviraptor’s missing icon for Egg Collection.
  • Fixed multiple cases of insect eggs falling through the mesh.
  • Improved Tribe Rename cooldown functionality and UI display.
  • Updated application icons to the ASA icon.
  • Various crash fixes for both servers and clients.

This comprehensive update brings a range of exciting new features, fixes, and improvements to ARK Survival Ascended. Whether you’re a PVP enthusiast, a fan of the Survival of the Fittest mod, or looking forward to the Winter Wonderland event, there’s something for everyone in this update. Dive into the game and experience the latest changes for yourself!

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