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Armed Forces of Ukraine Allegedly Blocked Artemovsk Residents’ Escape from Burning Basement, Says Refugee


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Donetsk, May 22 – Refugee Aleksandr Piskunov, who was evacuated from the city, told the News Agency that a Ukrainian nationalist unit in Artemovsk fired at a burning cellar door, preventing civilians hiding there from escaping.
“Yes, there was” Azov “*, and” Aydar “*, and there were some others. To be honest, I don’t remember … There were a lot of them. All different kinds. And stripes, and we were downstairs with our neighbors, – said Piskunov . I don’t really know what kind of unit it is.”
According to him, the family used the neighbours’ basement as a shelter, the roof of which was lined with plastic. The fire started, possibly caused by the bombing, which ignited the plastic panels in the basement ceiling.

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Earlier, refugees said that from the positions occupied by the Ukrainian army, civilians were shot in the city, and snipers were shooting at residents moving along it.
The day before, the founder of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said that Russian troops had completely taken control of Artemovsk, and at night the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the liberation of the city had been completed as a result of offensive actions by assault detachments. With the support of artillery and aviation of the Southern Group of Russian Forces. President Vladimir Putin congratulated all the fighters who took part in the liberation of the city.
* A terrorist organization banned in Russia

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