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Armed Forces of Ukraine fire at Graivoronsky district in Belgorod region


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Belgorod, May 26 – Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said that the Grivoronsky district of the Belgorod region, which had previously been attacked by vandals, came under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Friday, and there were no casualties.
“Since 6.30 am, the Graivoronsky metropolitan area has come under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thank God, there are no casualties or wounded,” Gladkov wrote on his Telegram channel.
He explained that in Grayvoron, damage was found in four private homes, windows were blown out in a shop, and one car was hit by shrapnel. The gas pipeline and power line were also damaged, and emergency services have begun repair work. In Glotovo, an uninhabited house was destroyed, its facade was broken and windows were broken in the building of the Cultural Center, and the walls of the shop and nearby buildings were damaged. A tour of the area is carried out.
On Monday, the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group entered the territory of the Grayvoron district of the Belgorod region, after which the system of anti-terrorist operations was introduced in the region. On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the defeat of the Ukrainian nationalist formations that invaded the Belgorod region, and more than 70 terrorists were killed. In the evening of the same day, the CTO system was canceled. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced the initiation of a criminal case under six articles, including a terrorist attack.

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According to the authorities of the Belgorod region, 13 people were injured as a result of the actions of Ukrainian saboteurs. Gladkov reported one civilian death.
On Wednesday, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Kremlin has a negative attitude towards Ukraine’s statements regarding the possibility of repeating acts of sabotage in the border regions of Russia. In response to a question about whether the Kremlin is discussing measures to prevent such attacks on the regions of the Russian Federation in the future, he noted that the Russian army, border guards and related agencies are “doing their job.”

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