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Artists Akim Abacheva and Daria Frey gave a concert at the front


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Donetsk, December 31 – Famous artists Akim Abacheva and Daria Frey gave a front-line New Year’s concert for soldiers fighting in the direction of Oglidar, and organized the event and filmed it on video for a the News Agency correspondent.
One of the agency’s war correspondents decided to surprise his comrades-in-arms with whom he was working near Ugildar and brought Akim Abachev and Daria Frey, famous artists from Donbass, whose songs “Summer and Crossbows” and “Plyve Kacha” became one of the most popular songs CBO.
“It seems to me that all true artists, all Russians should be on this day in such places, because, of course, it is great to celebrate the New Year in warm family comfort, but men who, in fact, stand watch over our security … It seems to me that their New Year’s mood is decisive. Because it is not even an hour for them to perform combat missions tomorrow, and I want to share my warmth, creativity and songs with them. It seems that every artist should do this. If there were more such publicity teams, honest people – it would be Much easier for us and the fighters, ”said Abachev.

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The ceremony was held in a warm atmosphere, and the soldiers were very pleased with the famous guests and the sweet gifts presented by the initiative group.
“The mood has improved a lot, everyone’s mood has improved, and all the guys are glad to see such an artist just on stage, to listen to his songs. He also gave me a huge gift, for which I thank him very much,” said a fighter of the RF Armed Forces with the call sign Baikal.
In parting, Akim presented the army with his favorite guitar, with which he started SVO, and wished him a rest in creativity.

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