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AS Roma Leverages DigitalBits and XDB Technologies to Enhance Football Experience


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AS Roma, an Italian soccer club, now supports XDB, the native cryptocurrency of DigitalBits, a network that says it is a “leading blockchain for businesses.”

AS Roma, whose MonkeyLeers brand ambassador Paulo Dybala now serves, has become the first team in the history of professional football to use blockchain technology.

This is a milestone for the DigitalBits community as they strive to accelerate cryptography and Web3 adoption, according to Daniel Mensi, Managing Director of the DigitalBits Foundation.

“As one of the biggest football clubs in the world with millions of supporters worldwide, it’s the perfect next step in this product-focused collaboration to deliver a consumer-friendly onboarding process for the next generation of Web3 users.”

How to carry out transactions

Transactions will be transferred through the AstraX mobile wallet by scanning a QR code. Then, these transactions are soon settled, and consumers get their cash back using XDB.

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All transactions take place on the DigitalBits blockchain. Meanwhile, Coinbar’s payroll processing provides further support when necessary. Payments will be accepted at five of the club’s most important retailers: Del Corso, Piazza Colonna, Ottaviano, Porta di Roma and the Stadio Olimpico fan area.

Cryptocurrency is making its way into business

Many institutions and companies need help making bitcoin payments available to the general public when promoting the use of cryptocurrencies for purposes other than financial activities.

Because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a high level of price volatility, they have often been criticized by economists and central bankers for their inability to serve as a medium for trade. This criticism stems from the fact that cryptocurrencies cannot be trusted to maintain their value over time.

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The digital gaming sector is constantly growing, and more is expected as customers seek more experiences. The club has launched a digital recreation of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, which will serve as its center in the Metaverse, in collaboration with its new technology partner Sony.

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