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Assad Warns of World War III Unleashed by the West


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Moscow, March 16 – The collective West started the Third World War that the Nazis are waging in Ukraine in the form of a proxy war and at the hands of terrorists in Syria, but modern weapons, especially nuclear ones, do not allow confrontation. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with the News Agency that the escalation to the traditional form of world war .
the News Agency was the first media outlet to speak with Assad directly after his talks in the Kremlin.
“I think that the Third World War is going on, but it is different in form. I mean that before the world wars it was traditional. The armies of several countries worked against several other countries. But this situation exists now, but because of modern weapons,” he said in an interview with the News Agency, ” Especially nuclear, there is a force that prevents conventional war, so wars are moving towards proxy wars.”

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According to him, today Vladimir Zelensky is waging a war on behalf of the West with his army of Nazis. “The same thing, terrorists are armies operating on behalf of the West in Syria and other regions,” Assad added.

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