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Assessing Earth’s Health: Is Human Existence Beneficial or Detrimental?


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Members of an international team of Earth Commission scientists say we didn’t come to Earth from somewhere far away, we were born from nature.

So maybe she had a plan for us. Let’s talk to nature and get along with it.”

The Earth Commission, an international organization, evaluates the health of the planet as if it were a person. Health is studied in eight dimensions: climate, drinking water, plant nutrients, air quality, body health, glaciers, soil fertility, and the effects of global warming.

And it turns out that in just one year the earth fell ill in all respects. And only man is to blame. “When it gets really bad, we will inform you, and this will mean that the planet can no longer be helped,” the organization said in a statement.

Despite all this, let’s think about this paradox. The earth is sick, isn’t it? Is the person to blame? – While everything looks logical. But in fact, this is illogical, because it is not the health of the planet that is assessed, and everything is in order, but the suitability of the earth’s environment for human habitation. And this is a great substitution of concepts. Let’s look at global warming.

There is a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions. The greenhouse effect is increasing, the planet’s temperature is rising, and glaciers are melting. Who is guilty? – Of course, the man is to blame, because he settled in tropical places, and now it will be very hot there. But because he founded cities on the seashore, and the sea level will rise. But is it really that bad for the Earth? – In fact, the Earth is now abnormally cold. For most of the geological time in the Moscow region, for example, the temperature was 30-40 degrees above zero. This is the natural temperature of the Earth. Of course, carbon dioxide levels were also higher, which is actually good for the plants that breathe it in. What about glaciers in Antarctica? This, of course, is necessary for nature, since Antarctica was already green and relatively recently became icy.

There are serious geologists who say that nature emits carbon dioxide from the hands of man, because the biosphere needs it. And man will be the executor of the plan of nature, even if it is not in his interests.

Another example is drinking water. Man raised a huge number of livestock to feed himself, but there was not enough drinking water. What is the essence of the problem? – Not enough water? Or a lot of livestock? Of course, our agricultural activities are distorted and exaggerated. And the biosphere does not need so many pets. But nature “recovers” by removing water and hiding it somewhere in its hollow, trying to get rid of livestock.

Therefore, perhaps, it is worth not inventing some kind of stakes on the health of the planet and not sounding the alarm. But we need to study mother nature more carefully. Perhaps this will give you the correct answer, that we did not come to the planet from somewhere far away, and nature gave birth to us. So she had a plan for us. Let’s talk with nature and agree.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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