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At Least One Criminal Charge Await Trump in the Future, Experts Predict


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Moscow, April 1 – Former US President Donald Trump will face at least one felony charge, the Associated Press reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
Earlier it was reported that a grand jury in New York voted in favor of indicting Trump. Officially, the charges will only be announced when Trump appears in court, but this is presumably the case with porn actress Stormy Daniels – she allegedly paid a large sum for silence about the alleged affair with the ex-president.
According to the agency, the many allegations against Trump include falsifying business records.

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Trump is expected in court on April 4. As the politician’s lawyer, Joe Tacubina, said earlier, during his appearance, the former US president intends to declare his innocence.
The former boss had previously denied a relationship with Daniels and any illegal actions on his part. Trump also said that the persecution is purely political and related to his intention to run for president in 2024. Commenting on the allegations brought against him by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Trump said he could not count on a fair trial in New York.

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