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At the LPR, a base is discovered where Kyiv trained children to fight against Russia


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Severodonetsk, January 8 – Ukrainian soldiers and foreign instructors taught children the basics of subversive activities as part of the Ukrainian national military game on the territory of one of the children’s health camps in the liberated Severodonetsk region, Luhansk People’s Republic, a maid of the 2nd Army Corps of the LPR told reporters.
Earlier it was reported that employees of the Russian special services found dolls in the apartment of the founder of the Severodonetsk cell of one of the children’s national military clubs of Ukraine, with which children were taught to make IEDs, as well as instructions for their manufacture.
“In the village of Bordovka, Severodonetsk district, on the territory of the “Forest Fairy Tale” camp, children were trained in military-patriotic education, military-patriotic games were held under the guidance of instructors from the Ukrainian and foreign armed forces. “The soldier said, showing reporters the camp district.”

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She explained that the Sokil game program (“Jura”) was found on the territory, which was approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.
“On the website of this military-patriotic game you can see all the official documents that clearly indicate that they are fighting the Russian Federation. Here is their program, it is officially approved. And here the expected result is written in the results: types of tactical and technical actions on the ground, incl. It is small sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Well, how can there be such an indicator in the national games, ”said the soldier.
At the same time, her colleague showed reporters a “martyr’s dump” found in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe base – a dummy on which children train to work with IEDs. “This is a” unloading of a martyr “- a dummy. There was a trainer in the explosives business. Children at the age of 12 already know how to detonate. They were told how to shut down this or that system in order to undermine certain objects, – said the soldier of the Republic.

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