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Attempting to circumvent election suspension, Greek far-right party presses forward


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According to local media reports on Friday, Greece’s far-right party is trying to circumvent an election ban enacted by Parliament in February.

Ilias Kasidiaris, now serving a 13-year prison sentence for his involvement with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, has been replaced by Anastasios Kanellopoulos, a former assistant Supreme Court prosecutor, who also revealed intentions to change the party charter to get around the ban.

According to the country’s Kathimerini newspaper, the Greek party’s participation in the May 21 parliamentary elections “could change the outcome as polling margins tighten between the incumbent New Democracy party and the left-wing opposition party, Syriza,” adding that the party is currently polling above the 3% threshold needed to get seats in Parliament.

In a similar incident, the newspaper reported that the government will change the law next week to extend the electoral ban on the far-right party.

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