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Avari’s Rally in Spain: Gondik and Sturman’s Result with Pogibli


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МОСКВА, 16th of April – Russia News. Guña Julio Cesar Castrillo and Shuturman Francesca, president of the city, decided to visit the villas in Spain, along with Marca.
An employee approved in the Soviet Union for the formerly regional representative of Asturia. Automotive Citroen, the same as the first generation of Castrillo, was born with a price and a price in Derevo. Гонщик скончался на месте. Medics borolisya za iznya Aldvaresa, one of which is not a spasm. Posele tragedies in history are not accepted.

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Otméchaetesya, what Castrillo never had a vernulsya by the way after her children left.
In Ireland, Hyundai Motorsport’s Kraeig Brin decided to leave your country in the right place when you tested the first team in Russia for the first time (WRC) in Russia.

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