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Azerbaijan calls on Iranian envoy over alleged propaganda actions


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On Monday, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry summoned Iranian Ambassador Seyyed Abbas Mousavi over anti-Azerbaijan propaganda.

Emphasizing that what was stated in the memorandum of the Iranian side regarding the Azerbaijani media does not express objectivity, and a response memorandum was submitted to the Iranian side, as well as a list of a number of articles published in the Iranian media against Azerbaijan, and the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aikhan Hajizadeh, read out a statement.

Hajizadeh said that the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry received the Iranian note earlier today.

He also said that Mousavi was informed that “offensive, false, slanderous and biased information” about Azerbaijan and its government officials, as well as “false statements and speeches of well-known social and political figures in Iran” harm bilateral relations and cause misunderstandings. .

“In addition, it was noted that the misunderstandings that arose in the period of relations between our two countries were always caused by the unilateral actions and actions of the Iranian side, and that the consistent and good-willed steps of the Azerbaijani side are not adequately responded to by Iran.”

He added that during the meeting, it was stressed the need to take urgent measures to prevent the spread of “false and biased information” against Azerbaijan in the Iranian media.

Tensions have escalated between the two countries and Azerbaijan recently announced that preliminary findings of the investigation into the recent armed attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran indicate possible Iranian involvement.

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