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Baldur’s Gate III: Exploration, Success, and Future Updates – Patch Fixes Bugs and Enhances Player Experience


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Baldur’s Gate III: Exploration, Success, and Future Updates

Since August 3rd, numerous players from around the world have immersed themselves in the exploration and discovery of the vast lands offered by Baldur’s Gate III. With its colossal lifespan and plethora of choices and decisions that directly impact the game, this RPG has captured the hearts of many. Even Larian Studios did not expect such success, as they believed that many titles released from their early access do not sell much more.

For now, we haven’t finished hearing about this excellent title, which has been rated 19/20 by experts. The console versions will be released in a few days, allowing other players to finally experience Baldur’s Gate III. Additionally, the developers have recently expressed that they are open to the idea of releasing DLC in the future. However, at the moment, they are focusing on patches to fix bugs and enhance the players’ experience.

Fixing Bugs and Animation Issues

A major patch has been deployed by Larian Studios to address numerous bugs in Baldur’s Gate III. One notable issue was that players controlling small-sized characters were unable to properly engage with larger companions. The animation of kissing between Karlach and a small characters like gnomes and halfelins was not functioning as intended. The patch has successfully resolved this problem, among many others. In fact, more than 1000 bugs have been fixed in this extensive patch, which exceeded the text limit on Steam.

It is important to note that all these modifications will be directly implemented in the PS5 versions upon its release on September 6th (and earlier for those who have pre-ordered the game). As a result, future console players will not encounter this peculiar bug involving small-sized characters.

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