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Banning of TikTok on Amsterdam Official Phones


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Paris, March 29 – The Amsterdam municipality intends, on the heels of the Netherlands government, to ban TikTok on the work phones of civil servants, and Telegram may be next under ban, the NL Times writes, citing a municipal member.
Amsterdam mayor Turia Miliani said in a letter to the city council that the city wants to ban the use of TikTok on civil servants’ work mobile phones. Thus, the municipality decided to follow the example of the country’s cabinet.
By rejecting such applications, it said, Amsterdam wanted to prevent a “potential security risk” to personal data. City officials do not rule out bans on other apps like Telegram soon.

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City leaders will now direct city council members to “delete the app as soon as possible,” the letter said, and also remove TikTok from their phones.
Earlier, it became known that the Dutch authorities will soon ban civil servants from installing the TikTok application on their work mobile phones, because, in their opinion, it can be used for espionage. As noted in the government, officials are advised against using apps from companies from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, as these countries allegedly have an “aggressive cyber program”.

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