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Barcelona President Appeals to FIFA and UEFA for Negrera’s Case.


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Juan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, ​​sent a letter to the presidents of the International and European Football Associations, sending them his inquiries regarding the case of the former Spanish vice chairman of the refereeing committee, José Negrera.

And several parties, including the European Union, have announced the opening of a formal investigation into FC Barcelona’s corruption allegations in the so-called “Negrera Affair”, in which the Catalan club was accused of paying money to a company owned by the former Vice President of the Spanish Arbitration Committee, Negrera. in exchange for manipulating match results in favor of Blogran.

According to Radio Catalunya, Laporta sent a text message to FIFA President Gianni Infantino and UEFA President Alexandre Chevrin asking them not to referee the Catalan club early.

And the president of Barcelona demanded that their decision on the case be made after the Catalan club officially defended itself.

The radio confirmed that the president of the blue garnets will send the same message to the president of the Spanish federation, Luis Rubiales, in the coming hours to ask him to do the same.

Barcelona have been involved in suspicious financial payments to José María Negrera, former Vice President of the Technical Referees Committee in Spain, and the relationship between the two dates back to 2001, when Barcelona paid Dasnil 95 (owned by Negrera) just over €135,000. in the season (2001/2001, 2002).

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