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Barcelona’s Temporary Home: Olympique Luis Stadium and the Sale of Camp Nou Grass


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Barcelona’s Temporary Home at Olympique Luis Stadium

This season, Barcelona will be playing their matches at the Olympique Luis stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of only 54,000 spectators and will serve as the club’s temporary headquarters until the restoration and renovation of the historic Camp Nou stadium is completed.

Selling Club’s Property to Compensate Losses

Although Barcelona may face a significant loss in revenue by not playing at the Camp Nou, which can accommodate around 100,000 fans, the club is trying to make up for it by selling every last piece of the historic stadium’s property. The Spanish newspaper Relivo reported that Barcelona has already started selling the grass from the old Camp Nou stadium, which is currently undergoing upgrades, through various outlets.

Pricing and Options

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Boxed pieces of the Camp Nou grass are being sold for prices ranging between 20 and 50 euros. In addition, Barcelona’s online store offers larger boxes, some of which are framed, priced between 80 and 420 euros.

Progress of Camp Nou Renovation

The renovation work at the Camp Nou stadium is progressing at a rapid pace. The project, costing £1.25 billion, aims to give the stadium a completely new look by the 2025-2026 season. The seating capacity will increase from 99,354 to 105,000 seats, and the renovation process will also include a pitched roof covered with solar panels to generate energy and collect rainwater for sustainability.

New Name: “Spotify Nou Camp”

The stadium will also undergo an official renaming as “Spotify Nou Camp” due to a sponsorship partnership with the global music platform “Spotify”.

Source: @sportbible

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