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Bayern Munich Star Engages in Emotional Scandal with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend, Cheating on His Wife


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A German press report revealed that the Frenchman Lucas Hernandez, one of the stars of the Bayern Munich football team, had betrayed Amelia Osa Llorente, his wife and mother of his children.

German newspaper Bild reported that Lucas Hernandez had an affair with 37-year-old Italian actress Cristina Puccino.

The source added that the French star recently separated from his wife Amelia, with whom he has two children.

Erst Ronaldo, Jet Hernandez? – SIE ist die angelbliche Sex-Affäre des Bayern-Stars

– BILD Sport (@BILD_Sport) April 25, 2023

For her part, Amelia Llorente accused her husband of cheating with model Cristina Pocino, who was previously in a relationship with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016.

Llorente made the allegations while Lucas Hernandez was at Milan watching his brother Theo play against Lecce.

Cristina Buccino, Hernandez’s mentor and accusing of tradition: “Te lo regalo”

— Il Messaggero (@ilmessaggeroit) April 24, 2023

And Amelia wrote through her personal Instagram account: “Now you can stop playing for two, Cristina Poccino, I give you Lucas Hernandez, I don’t need him, just don’t forget that you have two children that you don’t come look”.

Lucas Hernandez’s relationship with Amelia Llorente made headlines in 2017, just months into their relationship, after they had an argument in the middle of the street and the duo were sentenced to 31 days of community service before they broke up and returned to each other friend after a while, to return to separation again in 2019.

In October 2021, the Madrid Criminal Court found Lucas Hernandez guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, Amelia Llorente, by beating him in 2017 in the Spanish city of Madrid while playing for Atlético Madrid, and sentenced him to six months in prison for violating a restraining order order.

The player appealed this decision so that the Court of Appeal would confirm his consent, and the Frenchman avoided a 6-month prison sentence. The court ordered the player not to commit any crime for 4 years and pay a fine of 96,000 euros.

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