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Bayraktar is testing a vertically taking off drone


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Turkish drone company Bayraktar posted on Twitter a video clip of its new VTOL aircraft, which managed to take off vertically and climb to an altitude of up to 8,000 feet.

????✈️???? #BayraktarDIHA Operator 8000 feet Irtifa Uchushu ✅

????✈️???? #BayraktarVTOL Flying at an operating altitude of 8000 feet ✅#MilliTeknolojiHamlesi ????????????

– BAYKAR (@BaykarTech) January 9, 2023

This aircraft is scheduled to enter service in early 2023 and has automatic and semi-automatic flight capabilities in addition to automatic takeoff and landing.

The base for these aircraft will be, among other things, the landing ship Andalu, the flagship of the Turkish Navy, where the tactical drone will be able to perform surveillance and intelligence gathering tasks.

Source: Anatolia+Twitter

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