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Belarus Remains Committed to Constructing Ports in Russia, Affirms Ambassador


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Murmansk, June 26 – Dmitry Krutoy, the republic’s ambassador to the Russian Federation, told the News Agency that Belarus is not abandoning its intentions to build ports in Russia, including in the Murmansk region.
In his first interview as ambassador, Krutoy told the News Agency that after closing access to the Baltic seaports due to Western sanctions, Belarus does not plan to create a single port in Russia, but will use Russia’s network of seaports in order to export its goods.

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He explained that Belarus is actively using the infrastructure of 19 Russian ports: from St. Petersburg to the Caspian Sea. He will positively assess such diversification, noting that Belarus definitely needs terminals for the export of potassium or oil products as basic goods, but there are also many options here – the use of ports from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. He added that within a year and a half, Russian ports had completely replaced the previously used ports in the Baltics for Belarusian exports.

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