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Berdyev’s departure took Khokhlov by surprise


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Moscow, April 12 – The head coach of the Sochi football club, Dmitry Khokhlov, said that Kurban Berdyev’s departure came as a surprise to him.
On Monday, Berdyev left the Sochi coaching post, which he has held since December 25. Under his leadership, in five matches of the Russian Premier League, the team won two victories and suffered three defeats. Khokhlov was appointed acting head coach.
“It was unexpected, Kurban Bekevich announced in the morning that he was leaving the team. We started the training process, now we are discussing with colleagues what to change, what to leave, how to conduct training in general,” the Sochi Telegram channel quotes Khokhlov as saying.

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In the 23rd round of the Russian Premier League, Sochi will play at home to Krasnodar. In the previous round, the Sochi players lost to the Wings of the Soviets. “After an unsuccessful match, the mood of any team is not very good, including ours. One of the main tasks is to forget about failure, survive, respond properly and prepare with good and positive emotions for the game. You feel pressure, there is a situation where we need to continue working. “We spent about two or three hours analyzing the game. Any team has strengths and weaknesses. You need to find these weaknesses and use them, but at the same time show your best qualities,” the coach added.
After 22 matches, Sochi is ninth with 31 points in the Russian championship standings.

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