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Biden has refused to transparently investigate the classified documents issue


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Washington, January 16 – James Comer, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee, said that US President Joe Biden does not want a transparent investigation into the issue of classified documents that were found in his home and office outside the White House.
“President Biden has promised the most transparent administration in history, but he refuses to be transparent where it matters most,” he told Fox News. Kummer says the White House, the National Archives and the Department of Justice “withhold information” from Congress and the US public about classified records stored in insecure locations. “We have no confidence in President Biden’s personal attorneys,” the congressman added.
He emphasized that Americans deserve transparency and indicated that Congress will continue to press the Biden administration for answers and information regarding unauthorized access to the detected recordings.

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On Monday, the White House attorney’s office told Fox News that a guest list for Biden’s private home in Wilmington, Delaware, where some classified documents were found, does not exist. Earlier it became known that new classified documents were found in Biden’s home in Wilmington. The new discovery was made on Thursday. Another batch of previously classified material was found at a Washington think tank linked to Biden.
The US Department of Justice is investigating how state secrets related to the Biden presidency ended up in offices and residential buildings that were not adapted for storage, and which the current US leader used when he was a private person. The president’s personal lawyers promised full cooperation with the investigation and expressed confidence that it would prove the unintentional nature of what happened.

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