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Biden "he moved" History of the storming of the Capitol


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Washington, January 6 – US President Joe Biden, at a ceremony in the White House in honor of the anniversary of the storming of the Capitol, said that the riots occurred in July, not January.
In another part of his speech, the President of the United States fails to name a Defender of the Capitol, but he is pushed back by a congressional guard sitting behind him. “I’m glad you know your name,” Biden said.
“He can call me ‘President Biden’ from now on,” Biden commented on the censorship.

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Two years ago, a crowd of supporters of former US President Donald Trump, who lost but did not accept defeat, removed the security cordon and stormed the building under the white dome to prevent deputies from confirming the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. For Biden’s supporters, what happened remains a rebellion and an attack on democratic foundations, for Trump’s followers, who still believe, following their ideal, that their votes were stolen, “an unarmed protest against election fraud.”
By another anniversary, the FBI reported more than 950 rioters arrested, including nearly 200 for assaulting law enforcement officers. The statement makes it clear that the chase is far from over. The sentences already handed down are harsh. Former police officer Thomas Webster has been sentenced to ten years in prison for beating an acting “policeman” with a flagpole. Some Albuquerque Cosper Head and Kyle Young were sentenced to 90 and 86 months in prison for assaulting a police officer and dragging him into a crowd of Trumpists.
By the second anniversary of the events of 6 January, the parliamentary inquiry was complete. The House Select Committee released an 800-page report blaming Trump as the primary culprit and recommending that the Justice Department file four criminal charges against him, including “sedition.”

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