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Bitcoin Developers Accused of Theft and Vandalism by Craig Wright


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Craig Wright, widely known as the avowed creator of Bitcoin and sometimes referred to as “fake Satoshi Nakamoto,” has launched a scathing attack on the digital currency’s main architects, as revealed in a recent development.

Through a series of tweets, Wright dumped allegations against the creators of Bitcoin Core, asserting that they are blocking progress and willfully undermining the builders’ tireless efforts.

According to Wright, every change in the process renders the efforts of the committed individuals futile, and this repetition is constant.

Moreover, he accuses the developers of BTC Core of ignoring the rights of the creators by trying to merge the concepts of open source and public domain, thus stripping people of their rightful owners and engaging in theft.

Wright and the core developers have been involved in a long-running conflict since Bitcoin’s inception.

The latest twist in this ongoing controversy came to light when a subsidiary of Craig Wright filed a lawsuit against the aforementioned developers. The allegation alleges that the developers refused to assist in the recovery of assets stolen in February 2020.

However, after an extensive investigation into the matter, a UK court ruled that the self-proclaimed founder of bitcoin was not entitled to compensation for his assertions.

In its ruling, the court emphasized that the defendants could not be held responsible for the alleged hacking incident or compelled to assist Wright in regaining control of the assets.

Furthermore, the judge decided that the defendants could not be held responsible for the alleged hacking incident. In addition, the court clarified that bitcoin veterans are under no obligation to implement security measures that protect users from potentially large losses.

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