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Black Lives Matter co-founder’s cousin dies at the hands of police in the United States


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Washington, January 13 – Patrice Collors, a relative of the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, died in the US, begging for help, at the hands of a police officer who repeatedly administered electric shocks, following released videos from the Los Angeles Police’s chest cameras.
The deceased was Kenan resident Darnell Anderson, whom Collors herself described in a published statement as her cousin and English teacher.
According to the released chest camera video, Anderson was the first to run into a motorcycle police officer who called to the scene of a traffic accident and claimed they were trying to kill him. He said he pulled a “ruse” and then refused to obey the officer’s order to stay put and tried to hide.
The policeman followed him with the help that arrived, tried to detain him and demanded that Anderson lie on his stomach, but he refused and got out and continued shouting that they wanted to kill him and asking for help.
One police officer warned that he would use electric shocks if he resisted further, after which Anderson said they were “trying (like) killing George Floyd”.

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As a result, one of the police officers used a taser (tasser), first aiming it at Anderson from a distance, and then beginning to repeatedly strike him with electric shock, causing a shock to his back. A few seconds later, Anderson responded to the policeman’s request to stop resisting with the words “good” and call for help, but the officer again used special equipment.
The police also released a cell phone recording of one of the witnesses to the incident. A possible participant in the traffic accident is heard off-screen, who states that Anderson attempted to steal his car.
Anderson was later taken to hospital, where he died.
The accident occurred on January 3. Anderson’s blood test revealed the content of two drugs. According to the police, the investigation will take up to a year.
The Black Lives Matter movement, whose slogans have been spread in US cities and many other countries, advocates for defunding the police and fights for “racial justice” by organizing and carrying out massacres.

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