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Blizzard’s Recent Releases: Successes and Frustrations, Including Diablo IV Season Of Blood Delay


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Blizzard’s Recent Releases

Despite some setbacks, Blizzard’s recent releases have been successful in their own ways. While Overwatch 2 may not be exactly what was promised, its core gameplay has maintained a strong community.

On the other hand, Diablo IV is the most successful game in the franchise, but conflicts between the community and Blizzard are common due to various issues.

Diablo IV Season Of Blood Delay

The latest source of frustration for the community is the delayed launch of Diablo IV’s second season, Season Of Blood.

Blizzard stated, “Hello everyone, we have encountered some technical issues with our current build and will be delaying Season of Blood’s start time by a few hours to remedy these issues. Once we have more information, we’ll update you right away. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the feedback you have provided and your patience.”

Although the season eventually went live nearly three hours later, fans were still extremely upset about the delay.

You can check out the patch notes for what’s changed in the coming season here.

Source: Blizzard

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