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Blockchain Investigator Exposes Bitboy’s $3,999 ‘High IQ’ Index and Paid Pool


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Bitboy, a Cryptocurrency Influencer, Accused of Selling Questionable Investment Strategy

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Anonymous blockchain investigator ZachXBT has publicly called out Bitboy, a well-known cryptocurrency influencer and content creator. According to ZachXBT’s October 27 post on X, Bitboy is selling a $3,999 index and a paid pool called “High IQ,” which claims to provide users with a leading indicator and a “proven strategy.”

Questioning Real Profitability

ZachXBT suggests in his post that if Bitboy’s offer were truly profitable, he wouldn’t need to ask for donations. Instead, he could use the alleged indicator to make money for himself. This raises doubts about the effectiveness of the investment strategy being sold.

This post by ZachXBT sparked various comments from the cryptocurrency community. One notable response came from the founder and CEO of Delegate, who received 11.5k views for their comment, “I don’t say this often, but how come he hasn’t been jailed yet?” Another user shared a screenshot, highlighting that Bitboy is allegedly asking users to lie about their payment information using a VPN.

Previous Controversies

This is not the first time Bitboy, whose real name is Ben Armstrong, has faced criticism. Just over a month ago, he received backlash for posting an emotional video on September 19, in which he appealed to the cryptocurrency community for donations to help him with ongoing legal disputes. Despite the controversy, Armstrong received $59,000 in donations, which many found to be outrageous.


The accusations against Bitboy have raised concerns about the legitimacy of his investment strategy and the ethical implications of asking for donations. It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact his reputation within the cryptocurrency community.

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