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Blogger who assaulted nurse faces rejection from Omsk daughter


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OMSK, April 19 – A 5-month-old child was taken from blogger Eva Abramovich (Skorokhodova), who beat a nurse in the toxicology department, and another criminal case was opened against the girl for an incident that occurred at the end of March, the News Agency told the press service of the RF IC administration in the Omsk region.
Abramovich, who became famous after participating in the Let’s Get Married program, attacked on April 12 a 47-year-old nurse from the toxicology department of BSMP-1 in Omsk, the victim received a bruise on her head and many bruises on her, twisting the muscles of the body and neck, and the nurse was forced to walk in a special collar. After that, the 26-year-old blogger, who had a five-month-old daughter, was taken to the police station and a criminal case was opened under the article “beating”.
“On Monday, the child was taken from her. Now the girl is in a children’s home. The father of the child died in the summer of 2022 from an overdose,” SUSK said.

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The department found out that on March 30, two employees of the Juvenile Affairs Unit (PDN) came to Abramovich.
“The girl was drugged and agitated. In this state, she was either completely calm or uncontrollably aggressive. The PDN inspectors called the psychiatric team, and while one of them went to see the doctors, Eva attacked another 24-year-old inspector, who was on duty, and beat her The girl hit her face and pulled her hair. The guards came and pulled her away and took her to the hospital.”
The press service explained that another criminal case was opened against the blogger – according to an article on the use of violence against a representative of the authorities performing his duties.
Previously, the girl had already gotten into trouble with the law because of an attack on a police officer, and then got away with a suspended sentence, the department reported.

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