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Bloodborne PS5 Remaster: Temporary Solution for 60 FPS Gameplay Revealed in Latest Firmware Update


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Bloodborne PS5 Remaster Still Unavailable, But Recent Firmware Update Provides a Temporary Solution

If you own a TV with motion smoothing capability, you can now enjoy a 60 FPS experience while playing FromSoftware’s beloved title, Bloodborne, on your PS5. The latest PS5 firmware update reduces latency in motion smoothing mode, resulting in minimal input lag.

Temporary Solution for Bloodborne 60 FPS on PS5

According to a Reddit post, Sony’s recent PS5 system update has significantly improved the experience of playing Bloodborne in motion smoothing mode, offering gameplay with minimal input lag.

Alternative Solutions

If you’re eagerly awaiting an official patch from Sony for a proper Bloodborne PS5 remaster, you may have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, modder Lance McDonald has developed a mod that allows you to play the game at 60 FPS on your PS5. He also believes that Sony can easily implement this performance upgrade if they choose to do so.

About Bloodborne

Bloodborne, released in March 2015 for the PS4, continues to receive critical acclaim and is considered one of the best games available on Sony’s last-generation home console.

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