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Bloody Efforts Update Patch Notes – February 2, 2023


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A new update has been released for Bloody Efforts. You can find all the Game Update details below. Bloody Efforts is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


Hey! That’s been a long time since the last patch, but we have a lot of new stuff for you 🙂 Great new features, some reworks and RANKING MODE! Yes, you can go competitive with players all over the world. Shall we check who’s the best ?

NEW Content:

  • Cardinal Ranking – Mix of PvP and PvE Rankings with World Leaderboards. Every Day during Happy Hours you will have the opportunity to face the strongest champions of Bloody Efforts and climbin the leaderboards straight to the top! (Some unique Rewards are waiting as well)
  • Bishops – mighty custom Apostles that may use even 70 Build Points (50 Points for normal Apostles). Bishops can be unlocked in Cardinal Ranking.
  • Community-made Hero: Dark Matter (aka Mr. Mountain) emerged to sow confusion and weaken enemy lines, along with being the toughest character in Bloody Efforts. The designer of Dark Matter is one of our players SenSequ, whose willingness to find the most broken builds repeatedly made itself felt during all our games. The character charmed me with his very original style of play and I think he will be a great addition to the Hero Pool. Weekly Promotion: Get Hero for FREE on Official Discord.
  • Shooters REWORK – We wanted to make more diversity in shooting and make it more fun for all players to use Shooters. Damage, shooting delays, missile speed for all range weapons have been heavily modified.
  • Shooting Weapons have very different shooting delays – to make them feel unique and fit the damage output.
  • base Throw Damage increased: 5.5 -> 7
  • Missile Speed increased: 1000 -> 1400
  • Altar Throw Damage bonus decreased: 1 -> 0.8.
  • Altar Throw Speed increased: 10% -> 12%.
  • Level Throw Speed increased: 10% -> 12%.
  • Base Throw Cost increased: 20 -> 30.
  • Melee Buffs – Since rolling is not so strong anymore and shooters got a new edge, we’d like to give sturdy warriors the options to fight back.
  • base Attack Damage increased: 7.5 -> 8
  • Altar Attack Speed increased: 10% -> 12%.
  • Level Attack Damage bonus decreased: 1 -> 1.2.
  • Level Attack Speed increased: 10% -> 12%.
  • Unlocking all Cards & Abilities Rarity lowered from 40 lvl to 28 lvl – you will be able to create your dream heroes much faster 🙂
  • Coping the build of existing Heroes is now available – you can find the copy icon on any fighter card in the bottom right corner.
  • All Fonts replacement – We’ve changed fonts for all languages to fit the same style and size. What is more, we’ve enabled visibility of special characters for different languages globally (now you can see player names in Chinese, Japanese or Korean without any problem).

Card Changes:

  • Ground (7) – This skill was not very interesting to use or combine, so we’ve changed it entirely. : NEW: Root Renewal – Any damage dealt to the Apostle rooted by you, will regenerate you for 40% of damage dealt value.
  • Wizard (3) – decrease Ability Resistance Reduction on Hit: 75% -> 35%.
  • Butcher (5) – health regeneration changed from: 2% Max Health per Hit to: 3% of Current Health per Hit.

Ability Changes:

  • Seismic Golem – Resistances decreased: 60% -> 50%

Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Client – fix small visual bug with quantity of items in inventory.
  • Game – Legacy of the Gods – Buff Death Herald – starts on cooldown
  • Game – Legacy of the Gods – Buff Charming – starts off cooldown

Source: Steam

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