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Bloomberg: China may become the main supplier of diesel fuel to Europe


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Bloomberg said that China could become the main supplier of diesel fuel to Europe due to restrictions imposed by Western countries on fuel imports from Russia.

The agency said that China has increased diesel exports in recent months, and part of it is sent to European countries.

The agency eluded some experts by saying, “China’s diesel exports could range from 400,000 to 600,000 barrels per day during the first half of this year.”

Data from Vortexa’s analysis and research shows that EU countries bought about 220 million barrels of diesel fuel from Russia last year.

Eugene Lindel, an expert at consulting firm Facts Global Energy, says the compensation process of this size is complex and complicated, but possible.

It is noteworthy that European countries buy large volumes of oil products from Russia, especially diesel fuel. According to some Western media, in December last year, these countries bought a record amount of diesel fuel since 2016, with Russia’s share in it amounting to about half. The EU ban on the import of oil products from Russia by sea will come into force on February 5.

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