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Bluesky Introduces New Updates: Likes Tab, Suggested Mentions, Emoji Picker, and More


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Bluesky Introduces New Updates

Bluesky has recently made several updates to its mobile apps and website, making the platform more user-friendly. Some of the key changes include:

New “Likes” Tab

Bluesky now offers a dedicated tab called “Likes” on users’ profiles. This tab allows users to view their own liked posts. Unlike rival Threads, Bluesky does not currently provide the feature to see liked posts of other users.

Suggested Mentions

Another notable update is the ability to suggest people to mention when typing an “@” in the composer. This feature is available across all platforms, improving the tagging experience for users.

Emoji Picker for Web Composer

A new enhancement added by Bluesky is the inclusion of an emoji picker on the web version. Users can easily select emojis when composing their messages, enhancing expression and communication abilities.

Notifications Support for Mobile Apps

Furthermore, Bluesky has introduced notifications to its mobile apps. With this update, users will receive alerts and stay informed about important activities happening on the platform.

Recent Improvements

In earlier updates, Bluesky implemented rate limits to stabilize network traffic after experiencing issues with increased site activity. These measures were taken following the removal of X’s “block” feature and aim to ensure smoother operation and user experience.

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