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boat "Admiral Nevelskoy" Destroyed during exercises near the Kuriles "hostile" Drones


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YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, February 14 – The large landing ship “Admiral Nevelskoy” conducted exercises near the Kuril Islands, the press service of the Pacific Fleet reported.
According to the press service of the expedition, according to the exercise plan, the crew of the Admiral Nevelskoy ship discovered an unmanned aerial vehicle launched from one of the uninhabited islands by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of an imaginary enemy. Personnel brought Igla MANPADS into readiness for use, and air defense crews took the target for escort. And when an “enemy” drone approached the affected area, the air target was destroyed by two anti-aircraft missiles.

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“Also, in accordance with the combat training plan, the artillery crews of the large landing craft conducted a training course to detect and destroy mock-ups of floating mines in a conditional mine-risk area,” the report says.
Earlier, the crew of the large landing ship “Admiral Nevelskoy” conducted a training course in Kamchatka on loading and unloading personnel and equipment of the Marine Corps in the Pacific Ocean.

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