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Brave Grandma Celebrates 90th Birthday with Thrilling Skydiving Adventure


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Brave Grandma Celebrates 90th Birthday with Skydiving Adventure

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Meet Hilary Oxley, an extraordinary woman who recently turned 90 and decided to mark the occasion in a truly unique way – by skydiving from 12,000 feet!

A Surprising Birthday Present

Hilary’s family wanted to give her a birthday present she would never forget, so they surprised her with a skydiving experience. To make it even more special, her two granddaughters joined her for this thrilling adventure.

A Repeat Performance

This wasn’t the first time Hilary took the plunge from high up in the sky. Ten years ago, on her 80th birthday, she skydived for the first time. She never expected to do it again, but the experience left such an impression on her that she couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it once more.

Hilary hilariously remarked, “The experience is wonderful. Sometimes when I go shopping, I’m more nervous than doing it… It was very impressive… I’m very happy.” She never imagined she would be skydiving again at 90, but she embraced the adventure with enthusiasm.


This heartwarming story was reported by “Mirror” newspaper.

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