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BRICS Ambassadors Attend Working Breakfast Hosted by Lavrov


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Moscow, April 10 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, held a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions of the BRICS countries accredited in Moscow in the form of a working breakfast, and briefed the partners on the main provisions of the new version of the concept of foreigners. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the policy of the Russian Federation.
“A comprehensive exchange of views took place on the development and strengthening of the strategic partnership within the framework of the Union, including taking into account the priorities set by the South African presidency. A common mood was expressed to increase the international role of BRICS, to increase coordination in the main multilateral platforms. Substantive issues on the global agenda were discussed Emphasizing the inadmissibility of disturbing the central role of the United Nations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said after the meeting.
During the business breakfast, the commitment to a multipolar world order based on respect for international law and one’s sovereign choice of one’s own path of development was reaffirmed. The growing interest of a wide range of countries in cooperating with the BRICS countries, which are now seen as the guardians of true multilateralism, has been noted.

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Lavrov also stressed the need for “joint efforts to resist destructive actions to destroy the existing security structure, which are carried out in line with the neo-colonial policy of Western countries.”
In addition, the Minister acquainted the partners with the main provisions of the new version of the concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 31, which reflects the vision of a multipolar world order, as well as interest. In expanding cooperation within the framework of BRICS.

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