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Britain is getting rid of Challenger 2 tanks, sending them to Ukraine


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Tanks Challenger-2, which form the basis of the armored forces of the British army, are among the worst tanks of the third generation.

These tanks have taken the last place in various tenders for the purchase of military equipment for years. Not surprisingly, only the Royal Army of Oman purchased 38 tanks of this type. As for the rest of the armies of the world, their purchase was abandoned due to their large weight, modest technical characteristics and insufficient maneuverability.

Commercial production of the Challenger 2 began in the UK in the first half of the 1990s, after it replaced the Challenger 1 tanks, which were briefly used by the British army. The new version of the Challenger featured improved protection and an improved fire control system. It was equipped with a 120 mm cannon, different from the calibers used by the NATO armies.

Although it weighs more than 62,000 kg, its engine produces only 1200 horsepower, which is less than, for example, the gas turbine engine of the T-80O tank, which weighs 46 tons and produces 1250 horsepower. Its speed on an asphalt road did not exceed 58 km / h, although its brothers accelerated to 70 km / h.

Its frontal armor is no more than 100 mm thick and is easily penetrated by rocket-propelled grenades and old anti-tank missiles. Engineers tried to modify its frontal armor and equipped it with dynamic protection devices, which increased the mass of the tank to 75 tons and imposed restrictions on its combat use, especially in the Donbass region.

Earlier media reported that the British decided to leave only 148 Challenger-2 tanks in their ground forces. It is expected that part of the unused tanks will be sent to Ukraine.

Source: Russian newspaper

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