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Britain modifies its warships and equips them with precision-guided missiles


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Naval News has announced that the UK is working on modifying its warships to equip them with new anti-ship missiles.

A post on the website states: “At the Devonpore Naval Base in Plymouth, the process of upgrading the Royal Navy Type-23 Somerset ship to be capable of firing NSM precision-guided missiles has begun. modification of the ship will be completed within a year.”

In November 2022, the Norwegian company Kongsberg announced that it had signed an agreement with the UK government to equip British Army warships with NSM missiles, and under the terms of the deal, 11 British Type-23 frigates and 6 British Type-Above-mentioned missiles will be equipped with 45 destroyers.

The press service of the Royal Navy indicated that “cooperation with the Norwegian company will allow the UK to increase the number of its warships equipped with high-precision NSM missiles, and that these missiles will replace the old Harpoon missiles, and by 2030 British warships will be expected to receive new generation strike missiles “high precision”.

NSM missiles belong to the fifth generation of medium-range naval missiles and can hit various types of sea and ground targets at ranges up to 185 km. These missiles can fly at low altitudes, in addition, they are made of special materials. , making them difficult to detect by enemy radars.

Each rocket of this type has a length of 3.96 m, weighs 407 kg and can fly at speeds from 858 to 1103 km/h.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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