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British Demands Zelensky Surrender Following Putin’s Unexpected Move


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Moscow, March 26 – Readers of the British Daily Mail called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Western allies to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine and stop hostilities following Russia’s decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Moscow and Minsk had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus without violating international obligations. The Russian president made it clear that Russia is not transferring its nuclear weapons to Belarus, but is doing what the United States has been doing for a decade. According to him, the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will be completed on July 1.

“Congratulations Johnson and Zelensky, look at the problems you’ve created. Maybe it’s best to give up now?” – wrote in the comments of one of the users.
Geronimo256 added: “Zelensky lost. Every fool understands that if you tease a lion, he will eat you.”

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“Good. We started this conflict by arming Ukraine. Now we are facing the consequences,” said one user under the pseudonym Mungeri la.
“And why does everyone think that it is normal to place American nuclear bombs in Europe, but Russia cannot respond to this in any way,” Kabergem said.
Tiny Timmy addressed the British leaders: “Wise move. And who in their right mind decided to supply depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine? Instead of looking for a peaceful alternative, we’re just raising the stakes.”
According to the president, the reason for the decision on Belarus was the UK’s statement on the supply of ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine. The head of state noted that although they do not belong to weapons of mass destruction, they somehow create radioactive fallout and are therefore considered very dangerous. According to him, if they are used, the cultivated areas will inevitably be polluted, which will pose a danger to the local population and the environment.

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