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British Intel Attributes Russia’s Losses in Ukraine to Alcohol Consumption


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Britain’s Ministry of Defense said Sunday, in its regular war update, that excessive drinking was the cause of the deaths of many Russian troops in Ukraine.

“While Russia has suffered up to 200,000 casualties since its all-out invasion of Ukraine, a significant minority of them were for non-combatant causes,” she added.

She referred to a recent report by Russia’s Telegram news channel about “extremely high” numbers of alcohol-related accidents, crimes and deaths among Russian forces.

“However, with heavy drinking pervasive in most of Russian society, it has long been seen as a tacitly accepted part of military life, even in combat operations,” the report said.

The ministry listed other major causes of non-combat casualties as weapon mishandling, road accidents and hypothermia. It added that Russian commanders would likely identify rampant alcohol abuse as particularly detrimental to combat effectiveness.

The ministry has issued daily updates since the invasion began based on information from its intelligence services. Moscow sees the reports as misinformation.

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