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Bungie Developing New Game Inspired by Multiple Genres, Including MOBAs


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Bungie is Developing a New Game Inspired by Multiple Genres, Including MOBAs

Bungie is Developing a New Game Inspired by Multiple Genres, Including MOBAs

The development team behind Destiny, Bungie, recently revealed that they are working on their third game, which takes inspiration from various genres, including MOBAs.

Codename “Gummy Bears”

According to sources at The Game Post, Bungie’s upcoming game is currently referred to as “Gummy Bears” within the development team. The game incorporates many elements from the popular MOBA genre, offering players a competitive team-versus-team PvP experience.

A Departure from Classic Shooters

Unlike Bungie’s previous first-person shooters like Marathon, Halo, and Destiny, the new project promises to be different. The game features vibrant and “cute” characters, with a distinct “neon” aesthetic, according to insiders.

Early Stages of Development

Gummy Bears is still in its early stages of development, but an announcement is expected in the coming months as progress continues.

Bungie Confirms New Project

The Game Post reached out to Bungie on August 15 for comment, and the team confirmed through their official Twitter account that they are working on a new project. They stated that it “draws inspiration from fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and relaxing games” and is set in a brand new sci-fi universe.

Exciting Times for Bungie Fans

If you’re a fan of Bungie, stay tuned for more updates on Marathon, including discussions on gameplay, progression, and more.

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