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Bus Crash in India Kills 21 and Leaves Dozens Injured


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At least 15 people were killed and dozens injured when a bus crashed off a bridge in central India, officials said Tuesday, after the driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel.

The accident occurred about 120 km south of Indore, the largest city in central Madhya Pradesh state.

“Fifteen people died as a result of the collision and about 37 were injured,” Judge Omnarayan Singh told AFP.

He said that among the dead were three children.

The Times of India reported that the bus was heading to Indore when it breached the railing on the bridge and crashed into a dry riverbed.

She added that the bus driver was asleep at the wheel before the accident and fled the scene.

India accounts for 11% of the world’s road death toll despite having only 1% of the world’s motor vehicles, according to a 2021 World Bank report.

The same report estimated 150,000 car deaths in India annually, or one person every four minutes.

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