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Butina urged the education of opinion leaders "phishing"


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Moscow, December 22 – State Duma deputy Maria Butina (ER) said that Russia’s opinion leaders need to be taught how to handle comments on social networks, including such kind as “political satire” or “trolling”.
“Our public opinion leaders need to learn how to deal with these comments… After all, we need to somehow teach speakers to kind of like ‘political satire’, because it’s now called ‘trolling’ in modern parlance,” she said at a meeting of the Sovereignty Committee. In the Federation Council “it must be highlighted so that the citizens themselves, who entered the comments, see that this is nonsense and draw their own conclusions.”
According to the parliamentarian, the focus of unfriendly countries in the future will be focused on working with the “old regions”.

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“Not new regions, but precisely those that have been part of Russia for many years. And the bottom line is here:” Why do they have everything, but we have nothing? The importance of working on equal rights will play a big role, and these sentiments will need to be watched closely, especially in the regions. The most striking topic, as it manifests itself, is kindergartens. Why are they giving places there? For this”.

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