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Bybit and Paradigm Collaborate to Introduce USDT Spreads and Delta-1 Spreads


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Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched spread trading on USDT margined instruments in collaboration with Paradigm, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. This partnership will allow traders to publish order books on more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

Bybit and Paradigm partnership

Paradigm is an institutional liquidity network for crypto derivatives traders in centralized and decentralized finance. The platform provides traders access to multi-asset liquidity on multiple protocols without compromising execution preferences and speed. Paradigm aims to create a platform for traders to create and settle deals with anyone at any time.

Bybit and Paradigm’s partnership allows users to execute perpetual USDT margin trades without impacting the order book or incurring leg risk, regardless of transaction size. This enables users to efficiently execute market-neutral trades on Bybit and provides a liquid market for executing funding strategies for perpetual swaps.

Paradigm is the first platform to support Bybit’s single account system. A consolidated margin account is a derivatives trading structure that allows users to use all the assets in their multiple accounts as collateral for trading perpetual USDT options. This eliminates the need to manually transfer assets between accounts and takes advantage of effective joint margin which is calculated in USD.

This is possible due to its large network of institutional parties, with over 700 institutional clients achieving a monthly trading capacity of over $10 billion. This network consists of hedge funds, over-the-counter (OTC) firms, lenders, structured product issuers, market makers, and prominent family offices.

Bybit innovates

Ben Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit, stated that Bybit’s partnership with Paradigm is part of its commitment to providing next-level opportunities for its users, using new trading technologies and first-class partners.

Paul Viraditakit, Partner at Paradigm, believes that the launch will provide a more efficient way for traders to access the markets easily and cost effectively. Their companies will continue to work together, focusing on creating new technologies and services to improve the lives of traders around the world.

The new spread trading platform allows traders to buy and sell futures contracts simultaneously with a single price and guaranteed atomic execution. To commemorate the launch, users will receive zero second stage fees from any spread trades executed on Paradigm and settled on Bybit, regardless of trade volume.

The launch of spread trading on USDT margined instruments provides traders with a simpler experience and access to a liquid market for executing complex strategies. The support of Paradigm’s Institutional Liquidity Network and Bybit’s commitment to innovation provide an even brighter future for cryptocurrency futures trading.

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